What is Magic Rabbit?

Magic Rabbit Whiskey

If you are here you probably saw the Magic Rabbit truck in Massachusetts. You can believe your eyes. Magic Rabbit Whiskey is chocolate and peanut butter whiskey. Not too sweet and absolutely delicious.

Here is our story.

chocolate cacao beans brown sugar cube

Where the Magic Came From…

Most every day we make whiskey.  A few bourbons and one rye.  Some traditional, some a little more adventurous.  That’s what we do, every day.  It’s serious work and we’re passionate about experimenting with different approaches to flavor using natural materials and our technology for flavor extraction.


Different flavor combinations


Taste Tests with the Team and others

Chocolate Peanut Butter Whiskey

We also have a propensity for being creative. Trying things that sound a little crazy sometimes, but let’s face it, that is how we got here in the first place.  One day at lunch the topic of a very popular, but somewhat surprising peanut butter whiskey came up and we found ourselves wondering what would happen if we experimented with flavors other than wood? What would happen if we used cocoa nibs from the Ivory Coast of Africa and the mountains of Peru, vanilla sourced from Papua New Guinea, Mexico, and Madagascar, pecans grown in California and Texas, fresh cream from local dairies, and of course peanuts from the farms in Georgia?

This kicked off several new rounds of experimentation. Hours and Hours were spent trying new things and getting feedback from the team and others. The result is Magic Rabbit.  A little fun, a lot of work, and perhaps some magic.  Enjoy.

peanuts on a dark background

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